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Project Showcase

Here's a collection of the projects that were demoed from UWB Hacks.

Listed by award, then alphabetically. Descriptions provided by groups.

Student Favorite

Do You Know What I Memes?

Meme Team GitHub Repo

Screenshot of Do You Know What I Memes?

Command forth the memes with your voice! Populate the screen with memes that are based on what you say. By Kaity Colbert, Sudhana Lai, Rithik Bansal, Conrad Dudziak, and Emily Krasser.

Best Aesthetics

King County Income and Tuition Data

BigDataCache Demo Website GitHub Repo

Screenshot of Do You Know What I Memes?

Using .Json Libraries from data.gov and kingcounty API's our team created a website that shows income levels by zipcode. Used multiple .js, CSS, and HTML files to create a website. This website represented data of income across every zipcode in King County. Also worked on correlating college tuition to median income levels in each zipcode in King County. By Alex Young, Kevin Hsu, Will Nelson, Jarod Guerrero, and Daniel Yan.

Best Functionality

Awesome Dino Game

Super Hot Garbage

A webGL game built using the Unity Engine featuring modern internet A E S T H E T I C. By Bill Pham, Victor Suciu, Youssef Beltagy, and Hamza Siddiqui.

Hacksthenet Forum

Party of One Demo Website GitHub Repo

Screenshot of Hacksthenet

A very small technology-based forum, built using Common Lisp with Hunchentoot. By Samuel Hunter.

Bike Parking

GitHub Repo

Find and add parking spots for bikes. By Max, Jason, Jojo, and Andrew.

Community Cookbook

The Toast Demo Website GitHub Repo

Students can submit recipes, saved to a JSON "database" on Firebase. By Andrew Witecha, Cheng Kong, and Haya.


TEAM CROBBER Demo Website GitHub Repo

Screenshot of CROBBER

The social media site for CROBS. Caw with fellow crobs at crobber.rodeo.

Internet Tic-Tac-Toe

Somebody Toucha My Spaghetti Code GitHub Repo

Made Tic-Tac-Toe from scratch and is playable with background music.

Kanban App

QuickBoard GitHub Repo

Screenshot of the Kanban App

Quickboard is a kanban application that can be used to manage small or large scale projects. It was created using HTML, CSS, React, Node, and more.

Not Another Parking App...

Coded Over Paradise GitHub Repo

Parking App Capacity Meter.


IForgotMyKeys GitHub Repo

Screenshot of Playpongwith.me

Party games for all college kids. By Julian Ngo, Evangeline A., Max P., Josef M., Austin G., and John K..


Fun Meditation Group Demo Website GitHub Repo

Building this app using Vanilla JavaScript, HTML, CSS web application that helps users to meditate. Features:

  • Including a meditation/ambient sounds app that a user can enjoy by picking the amount of time to listen to and choose different ambient sounds.
  • Music and video with javascript and how to build out a timer.

By Fahad Alshehri, using the tutorial and materials written by DevEdwin.


90's_Kidz Demo Website GitHub Repo

Take a walk down memory lane. Remember the roots of web-development. Make your website a B-website. By Petra, Alina, Robert, Maria, and Keziah.

Sneak Serv

oWo GitHub Repo

Screenshot of Sneak Serv

Microsoft Internet on a Floppy clone. The citizens of some countries with unreliable Internet connections rely on flash drives filled with Internet content to access information. Our project aims to make it simple to produce such devices from a dump of Internet content.

Sugar Shield

All Sweetness GitHub Repo

Machine Learning Predictive model of diabetes in patients, for hospital use. By Chelsea Ip, Kayla Sprage, Marcela Gomez, Edmund Chan, and Ardalan Ahanchi.



This is a travel website made by Asians for Asians. By Tri Nguyen, John Xie, Cole Liu, Francis Tran, and Jolene Truong.


Forking Awesome GitHub Repo

A guide to fine wine. By David, Eddie, Chris, Wilbert, and Lucas.

Virtual Presenter Pro

Anxious Software Inc.

Screenshot of Virtual Presenter Pro

Virtual Presenter Pro is a virtual reality based tool that helps people to grow more confident with public speaking and improve their public speaking skills.

Were you involved with one of these projects? You can update your description and include screenshots by submitting a pull request to UWB-ACM/uwb-hacks. Ask an ACM officer if you need help.