You do not need to have any prior coding experience. We are welcoming students of all experience and skill levels. Hackathons are a great opportunity to work with people of all skill levels. You will be able to look for team members in the hackathon discord or create a team of your own. Max 5 people per team.

In Hackathons, tracks are used to help you come up with ideas and help guide you through your project. For example: a project for the Interact track could be an app that helps students work more efficiently on group projects.

We will be holding online events such as workshops and guest speakers through Zoom (Schedule coming soon). For teamwork on your project, communication methods are entirely up to you, but we reccomend Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Discord.

Yes, however, we accept all students from not only high schools, community colleges, and universities, but non-traditional institutions like boot camps and academies as well.

Behave Appropriately:

This is a school event, and thus you should act as you would on campus. Inappropriate behavior or posts are not acceptable under any circumstances.

Keep Discussions On-Topic:

Please keep discussions relevant to the channel you are in. The '#off-topic' channel in our hackathon discord server is available for whatever (appropriate) content you may wish to post/discuss.

Read our Code Of Conduct Here

We have a limit of 5 members per team. Any more than 5 members would potentially reduce team production and cause further difficulties for your projects.

You are welcome to work individually or with a team. If you are stuggling to find a team or don't have a team and want to work with one, we recommend you join our UWB Hacks from Home Discord. There is a '#team-formation' channel where you can find other people looking for teams.

This event is entirely free! No sign up or registration fees required.

Unfortunately, there will not be any swag given out for this event.

Please feel free to reach out to event organizers in the “#organizer-discussion” channel of the UWB Hacks From Home Discord